Directing Your Marketing Strategy

You might already have your own team of great marketing staff members, interns, or assistants and what you need is a clear strategy to communicate your marketing efforts. You want to know what activities you must do to achieve the results your business needs. 


I can help you develop a marketing strategy for your team to execute that will transcend your business to the next level, and I can be available to help guide your marketing efforts along the way.


I can help you improve and position your marketing efforts for today's consumer. After all, I have worked with some of the most cutting-edge brands already.


Over the past 10 years, I have become an experienced integrated marketing, production, and business development specialist. While living in New York City, I landed coveted roles to work for multi-million dollar entertainment mogul Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, Sean John Clothing, Revolt TV & Media, Macy’s Inc., Audi and BOSS Model Management as a model and actress. I've worked with business owners who run multi-million dollar enterprises and small brands with small budgets.


My background and educational experience helped me to acquire a successful track record for the development and execution of international marketing campaigns, events, sales analysis, and marketing operations in target markets throughout the United States. I currently reside in Atlanta, GA consulting with brands on how to attract more qualified business leads in order to increase sales and drive bottom-line growth using integrated marketing communications strategies. 


My approach to business is based on practical marketing solutions and smart work that catapults BIG DREAMS. On one hand, I am an analytical thinker who uses data and market trends to create strategies that incite business goals like in my 5 Step Marketing Policy. On the other hand, I am a creative enthusiast who uses my love of writing and imagination to create digital/visual brand stories, original content, and entrepreneurial ventures.


In addition to my strong marketing experience, I also understand the importance of strong operational processes. Depending on what stage your business is in, I can help you develop the systems and procedures you need to properly run your marketing operations like email technology, website development, or customer service techniques. Here are a few marketing services that I provide. 



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