• Taylor Cross

CrossBite Invisalign Journey: WTF is in our toothpaste? | NATURAL TOOTHPASTE REVIEW #InvisalignHack

During my crossbite Invisalign journey, I have noticed bad ingredients in my toothpaste that have me wondering WTF? In this video, I will share what bad ingredients to avoid in your toothpaste and review a Natural Toothpaste that is best compared to three other leading toothpaste brands, including one that claims to be natural but really is not! I considered this to be an important Invisalign hack because of the number of times that Invisalign users brush their teeth. If you are like me and you brush your teeth 4-5 times a day, then you want to avoid the toxic chemicals in toothpaste that causes us to jeopardize our personal care. Consumer products should be free of toxicity and chemicals, which is why I’ve decided to share this information in my product review. I will be talking about Crest, Colgate, Redmonds, and ____. While some of the bad ingredients do help to fight cavities and fight tooth decay, all-natural toothpaste will also aid with cavities and toothpaste without causing harm to your teeth and body. Self-care helps you get to your best self so put yourself first!

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